Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2022 & How to Achieve Each Look

Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2022 & How to Achieve Each Look

Top 10 Beauty Trends of 2022

I know, we’re not there yet. I'm writing this article in mid-2021. But I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for a fresh start. In this article we’ll go over the top trends that we think we’ll see in 2022 so you can get ahead of the game.

The masks are coming OFF so that means the makeup is going back ON the bottom half of our faces! (Kidding, but if you did that you’re an actual queen!).


    10. Muted Lips

    It’s coming back. All my 90’s babies know what I’m talking about – kind of. We’re not talking shimmery nude lips or flat matte nudes with dark lip liner. We’re talking quiet, matte, and almost unnoticeable.


    Matte, nude lips will be trending in 2022


    You can get this look by putting on some Vegan Antioxidant Rich Lip Conditioner and then let it soak in so your lips stay moisturized, we're not going for a morgue-chic look here. Next, dab your finger onto the wand of some Fearless Vegan Velvet Liquid Lipstick. Clean up the outside edges, dab a little Vegan Vitamin E Glass Gloss. In the center and you're good to glam!


    9. 1950's Makeup

    We all saw the revival of 1960's beauty & fashion trends in 2021. As we know, fashion can be cyclical. What we saw on the runway this year leads us to believe that the loud lips and muted face with a statement liner may see a renewed like in 2022. Pair that with the trend in number 8 and now we're talking style baby!


    1950's makeup will be a trend in 2022


    To add a little *spice* to this look you can use a bright colored liner like the Vegan Waterproof Gel Liner in Navy or Eggplant and the Vegan Velvet Liquid Lip in the shade Bonfire


    8. Overstated Eyeliner/Eyeshadow

    Avril Lavigne Skater Boy video. Yup. If you have light-colored eyes this look is going to killlll on command, girl! Grunge is back and it's ready for revenge. The 2008 scene kid in me is ready to shine.


    Overstated eyeliner/eyeshadow is going to be a trend in 2022

    This is a makeup novices dream. To get this look in the easiest way, prep your lids with some Concealer and Translucent Powder. Then go IN with a Vegan Velvet Eyeshadow in the shade Black Out. When you have a shape kind of like what you're going for, take a makeup wipe or cotton swab with makeup remover on it and clean up the edges then go back in with a little concealer and powder. Do the rest of your makeup and voila, a star is born!


    7. Clean, and I mean actually clean, Skincare

    This one isn't a makeup look but what they don't tell us is that it all really starts with having well taken care of skin. With so many products flooding the market it's hard to tell who is actually making clean products and who is really just taking a toll on the environment and shipping ingredients in from unregulated places. 

    Clean skincare is the trend of 2022

    Informed Modern products are clean, have the least amount of ingredients that pack the most punch, and they're made in Canada with regionally sourced ingredients. An Anti-Aging Polypeptide Day Cream will keep skin fresh all day and comes bundled with an uber hydrating night cream that won't break you out. Clean facial cleanser has been one that myself, a cystic hormonal acne sufferer, knows how difficult it can be to find something decent that doesn't clog skin up or dry it out to a flakey mess. This Organic Anti-Inflammatory Tea Tree Soap checks all the boxes and can even help relieve acne on the body.


    6. All-White Look

    Dreamy, angelic, and futuristic are a few keywords for this look. We've been getting a lot of influence from Korean beauty trends and this one was a slow burner. And yet, here it comes. This look will pop on deeper skin tones and eye colors. Think Ariana Grande Positions music video vibes, but stark white.

    White eyeliner is a trend in 2022

    This look is so fun because you can do so much with it. Take a white eyeshadow and cover the lid, extending out past the lower temples and bring up for a high-fashion look or do a big graphic wing with some white gel eyeliner. The choices are endless!


    5. Under-Eyeshadow

    We've seen this trend pop up here and there in 2021 but it's getting more and more popular among the non-fashion show crowd. Tiktok has seen the trend explode recently thanks again to Korean beauty influences.

    Under eyeshadow is going to be a beauty trend in 2022

    We've made this look easy for you. With one kit, you'll have all the shadows needed to recreate the above look in whatever way you like. The Tiger Queen Kit feature four blendable Vegan Velvet Eyeshadows that will last you a life time and stay on all night. Just prep your lids with some Concealer and Translucent Powder then let the creative kid in you go crazy!


    4. Glitter Galore

    Festies were ripped from us during the pandemic and now that we're all getting vaccinated and back to regular life, festie season is soon upon us. We're going to see walking glittering disco balls all over 'chella and we're not mad about it.

    Glitter galore 2022 beauty trend

    To get this look, use a glitter sealant to keep it on all day and night long. Pick out your favorite Vegan Fine Stardust Glitter from a rainbow of colors including a duo chrome and a misty green that shows up as silver but gleams in green.


    3. Colorful Lashes

    Tiktok has brought on plenty of trends but this one seems to have taken on a new high-fashion life. Seen on runways all over the world in 2021, we think this trend is going to be a hit. Plus it's super fun so we're stoked!

    Colorful Eyelashes 2022 beauty trend

    You could buy colorful falsies or you could DIY this thang and go. To do this one yourself you're going to need some pigment sealant and colorful eyeshadow. Apply the sealer in a light layer with a brush and let it get tacky for a second or two, then go in with the shadow and brush off the excess with a spoolie. Repeat if necessary.


    2. No Makeup, Makeup

    The kind where some guys think you really aren't wearing any, not that we care what they think but it's a little funny right! Match this muted look with a big fashion statement like a large colorful sweater and you're off! Up, up, & away babe.

    No Makeup Makeup 2022 Beauty Trend

    Start off with a good oil-free moisturizer and serum. Next, go in with your clean, warm fingers and tap in some Vegan Babyface BB Cream. Make sure to get your neck and ears! Follow up with a damp, not wet, beauty sponge to blur the lines and blend even more. Finish up with some Concealer and Translucent Powder. Flush up those lashes and brows with some mascara and gel brow builder then go in with some Vegan Spicy Cinnamon Lip Plumper.


    1. Blue Hues

    Us 90's babies all looked back on our middle school pictures with disgust when we saw the light blue shimmery shadow on our lids. But alas, today is a new day and the trend is back and ready for action. This doesn't mean you have to go full Spice Girls on us, but it does give you an excuse to play around!

    Blue Hues 2022 Trend

    To get this look, we have another kit that's just right. The Kingdom Kit is everything you need to live your Blue Dream (I'm in California, what can I say!). It has the deepest blue shadow you'll ever find, an ocean blue glittery liquid lipstick, and a majestically dark galaxy gloss. Use them all together at the same time at your own risk ;)

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