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Turmeric is a bright-orange spice that is often used to flavor foods, but it's natural, anti-inflammatory properties can also do wonders for your skin. 

For example, those who suffer from acne should consider using turmeric soap.
Not only can it help clear up any breakouts you have, but it’s been shown to reduce the appearance of  scarring too.
The same properties that tackle acne can also reduce the size of your pores!
Not only are smaller pores a bit more attractive than large ones, but they won’t be
able to hold as much dirt and oil. Which equates to less scrubbing of your face, which is always a good thing as that tugs on your skin!
And just like other natural products that I’ve talked about, turmeric can also calm irritated skin.
For a minor skin irritation, try applying some turmeric powder mixed with warm water and apply for about 10 minutes or so, then rinse off.
If you suffer from any of these skincare problems, or even if you just have oily skin that needs some help, then try mixing some turmeric with rose water and apply as a mask.
Of course, thoroughly cleanse the area prior to using the mask with turmeric soap and be sure to rinse it off well.

Any long-term skin concerns should always be addressed by a healthcare provider.
Over the course of time, the more you use turmeric as part of your natural skincare routine, the more you will see the benefits in skin tone and texture.
And to make sure that it doesn’t irritate your skin or that you are not allergic, test out a small patch of skin with some turmeric powder and warm water. If it doesn’t itch or burn, then slowly start using it as a mask.
These are just a few ways to use healing turmeric as part of your natural skincare routine.
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