Modern beauty, minus the mystery.

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Meet Astrea • CEO

“Let's make something that matters.”

We made Informed Modern for you. Informed Modern was inspired by independent women - the creators, lovers, trendsetters, adventurers, dreamers. Women like you - who are present in this life, and in the pursuit of sustainability.

Our Story

Informed Modern was started by an eco-conscious college student that had cystic, hormonal acne... along with a knack for clean beauty and a love for sustainability.

Welcome to the I.Mod Squad!

We know you like looking great, but we also know you care about a lot more than makeup and skincare.

The I.Mod Squad welcomes everyone to let loose, follow your passion, donate and create.

We are passionate about preserving our environment, inclusivity, community, adventure, and above all - sustainability!

Let your hair down with us. Let's all do something kind for ourselves, someone else, and our planet, today.

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Our Mission

We use sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Wear your makeup proud knowing it's not only sustainably made, but it has nothing but the good stuff in it too.

Every item you purchase adds a little magic to your beauty collection.

We're working to build an online community of Informed Modern women who love the beauty community but don't want any of the nasty consequences of 'big brand ethics'.

Because we want to make our planet a better place in any way we can.

When you choose to round up your purchase, you get to select the cause that means the most to you. Not the cause that means the most to us, or to someone else.

Every purchase counts when you shop sustainable. Every purchase counts when you shop small. Every purchase counts when you choose to round up.

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Sustainable & Clean

Vegan-friendly. Gluten-free. Paraben-free. Sulfate-free. SLS-free. Biodegradable.

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Certified Cruelty-free

Never worry about where your products have been, or who they have been tested on.

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Skin-Clusive Care

All-inclusive beauty like you've never seen it before. Made for you, made for everyone.

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